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Meet The Team

John Collins

A highly experienced lighting cameraman, producer and director with over twenty years' experience working for major British production companies and broadcasters.  John is a consummate professional with a reputation for visual and creative excellence.  Having worked on every type of programme and corporate product, he is passionate about capturing the perfect image and producing high quality work that delights both clients and audiences.

Lighting Cameraman, Producer & Director

Damian Thomas

Producer & Editor

An experienced and talented video creative, Damian has an established pedigree in making innovative and high end productions.  From factual television with 10 years experience at ITV 1 to leveraging brands with 13 years experience within the corporate sector.  Damian has a background in programme editing and production but was also an entertainment journalist with ITV for 8 years.  With over 23 years experience in the industry and an incredible love and enthusiasm for making great films, his focus is on the narrative and engaging with the audience, a key component that helps make Hot Cake TV the professional choice.

Mike Marmion

Tom Blount

Paul Stephens

Dafydd Davies

Will Roth

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Lighting Cameraman

Mike is an accomplished DoP & lighting cameraman, with over two decades worth of global experience in some of the world's least hospitable places.  From Cape Columbia North Pole, to Irkutsk Siberia, the Middle East and the Balkans, Mike has worked for many of Britain's finest production companies and consistently delivers polished and authentic footage.  His experience encompasses everything from documentaries, to drama, corporate films, TV commercials and promos.  Mike relishes lighting for documentary and corporate interviews and larger scale drama lighting rigs.

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Camera & Steadicam Operator

An aspiring and ambitious cinematographer, Tom combines technical wizardry and specialist knowledge with a keen editorial mind.  His passion for light and lenses is demonstrated in his work on the recent BBC 2 series, "Schama on Rembrandt", and the multi-award winning "Night School" web series, with BAFTA nominated director Jack Jewers.

Tom is our floating camera specialist, in the last two years he has been testing and shooting with 3-axis camera gimbals but is equally at home in a Steadicam vest.  Tom recently utilised the DJI Ronin to shoot the majority of a Night School episode and some of the latest Nigel Slater series.  His reputation for versatility and effiency is matched only by his drive to create original and stunning imagery.

Lighting Cameraman

Paul is an outstanding lighting cameraman with 25 years' experience working for some of the the biggest names in the business.  Speed and versatility are his trademarks and he is regarded as an expert for his perfect stylised and hand held shots.  He displays consistent ingenuity in devising new ideas for overseas markets and is superbly proficient across all genres.


Drone Pilot & Camera Assistant

Hot Cake TV Crew

Locations:  London, Southampton, Manchester.


Tel: +44 (0) 7742 134 208